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We have exciting news!

Our Shelter Care program is now Circle of Courage Youth Program. Click here to learn more about us.

We are Here to Help

We offer therapy and CTSS skills counseling in-person or online through a HIPAA compliant video platform Insurance is accepted; to schedule an appointment, please call 320-214-9692 to discuss options available. 

Greater Minnesota Family Services is an organization that for more than 30 years has been assisting individuals, children, and families who need help with emotional and social problems and other conflicts in life that make daily living difficult rather than rewarding. We are a group of over 200 people with expertise in almost all areas of mental well-being from birth to 100. Our staff is equipped to help with emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, chemical use, and school performance to name a few. We work with families to resolve these issues by identifying options and resources to maintain the family circle.

From One of Us About Our Mission...

 Lois Wesbur:

When I first came to GM in 1997 there was a lot of discussion about the agency "getting too big".   During my years with GM I have met some of the best families.  I have seen some of the happiest days in a family, felt the joy of some of the smallest accomplishments, felt the pain of some of the poorest families, and shared the success of some of the families that the communities had no hope for.  I have been hugged by dirty hands and arms, offered a portion of a "last" cookie, been told my driving was "awesome for an old lady", thanked for the work that a family did, and walked a path with a family that felt hopeless.  It is during times like these that I have been blessed with the greatest gift a person can receive - The awareness of one's own blessings.

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