Speaking Engagements

Greater Minnesota Family Services' speakers give customized presentations that focus on the most important points for your group or organization.  To Learn more or to schedule a presentation or training please call:  320-214-9692 or contact our speakers directly as listed: 

Mental Health, "Healing the Healer', Wellness, Leadership & Poetry

Presenter:  George Dubie, CEO, M.Div., M.S. Licensed Psychologist

FEES:  George just asks for a donation to our GMFS Children's Foundation called "GM Gives", and travel/lodging if applicable.

Information about presentations on topics from George's recently published book, GETTING THE MOST AND GIVING THE MOST, Why Self-Help Books Don't Work, is available here.

George has over twenty years experience as co-founder and director of Greater Minnesota Family Services.  Prior to his work as CEO with GMFS, George provided services as a therapist, clinical supervisor, and program manager in a number of human service agencies, and served as pastor for several years in a parish in rural Minnesota.  George holds a Masters degree in Community Counseling from Mankato State University and a Master of Divinity degree from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

George is married, has four children, and is a wellness nut, writer, and poet.  He has recently finished his first book, GETTING THE MOST, GIVING THE MOST, What Truly Motivates The Human Heart, -- a self help book about why self help books do not necessarily work.   

George is an inspirational speaker and guide with over 35 years experience of professional speaking.   He has recently presented workshops on material from his book and is excited about teaching on a variety of topics including those listed below. 

  • WELLNESS (Self Care) "Why Willpower Won't Work"
  • W.E.L.L (TM) Program "Weightloss for Effective Lasting Lifestyles.  Why we need more than 'Willpower' to lose weight and keep it off.
  • "HEALING THE HEALER Awakening the Heart, in the Healing Arts." A 1 Day Training (or 2 or 3 day retreat) for anyone in human services.  Healing the Healer is about tending to our own inner Psychological life, because that directly impacts how well we live, and the level of care we give to our clients (what is now call a 'Reflective' approach to guiding human services staff).
  • MENTAL HEALTH Topics include Children & Adult Mental Health, with a special focus on Depression, or Anxiety, or Traumatic Childhood Experiences, or Substance Use Disorder.
  • Executive Leadership
  • Effective Non-Profit Management
  • Supervision of Staff
  • Self-Managing Teams
  • POETRY George also loves to Recite various Poems (Not Read them, but Recite them) and lead Discussions about their possible meanings.


Contact George Dubie by phone: 320-894-5073 (please leave message), or by email: gdubie@greaterminnesota.org.



Early Childhood Development

Presenter: Lynn Herrick, M.S.,  L.P., L.M.F.T.


Presentations on Early Childhood Development focus on the interests of your group. This might include:  Brain development and how it affects the child’s ability to make good choices, biting, toileting, sleep, eating problems, kicking and hitting, or anything that deals with behavioral problems with the little ones.

Lynn Herrick has been an outpatient therapist and a consultant for Head Start for twenty-eight years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, in Psychology and a Master’s degree from University of Minnesota, Mankato in Community Counseling.   Over the last five years, Lynn has specialized in working with small children, particularly birth to age three.  Lynn was a charter member of the Minnesota Association of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health serving on the advisory board.  He is a member of the MN Department of Human Services Steering committee helping to develop the best format for delivering services to young children. He is a member of the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health certification program through the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Lynn is a trainer for TACSEI through the MN Department of Education working within the school systems and Head Start to create the most effective environment to enhance children’s social and emotional skills.  He is a state trainer for the Early Childhood Services Intensity Instrument (ECSII) used to assess the best types of services needed for families.  Lynn has presented on early childhood mental health and social/emotional development for several state conventions and individual community presentations.


Contact Lynn Herrick at 507-370-2464 or by email: lherrick@greaterminnesota.org.



Cultural Development and Mental Health Topics

Presenter:  Wendell Veurink, M.Div.


Wendell has a masters in divinity with counseling emphasis.   He has over 35 years experience working within the human service field and as a public speaker offering trainings on a variety of topics.   Wendell has provided mental health services with Greater Minnesota Family Services for the last twelve years.  He offers presentations on:

  • Poverty and its effects on children and families
  • The Circle of Courage
  • Crisis Intervention
  • “Rap” a reclaiming youth at risk curriculum
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, (ACES)
  • Trauma informed care


Contact Wendell Veurink at 320-894-9370 or by email: wveurink@greaterminnesota.org



Community Workshops

Greater Minnesota Family Services' speakers give customized presentations that focus on the most important points for your group or organization.  Interested in scheduling a presentation or training? More information can be found on our Speaking Engagements page.  

From time to time, Greater Minnesota Family Services hosts community workshops, bringing quality speakers to rural Minnesota to discuss relevant clinical topics that affect all of us…from service provider to parent.

Training Speaker:

George Dubie - presenting on topics from his book: Getting The Most and Giving The Most.

Past Speakers Have Included:

Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya - Treating Psychological Trauma within the Context of Culture
Mary Tinucci, LICSW, MSW - Competent Practice: LGBTQ Youth
Shannon Kearns - LGBTQ Issues of Adolescence
Lynn Herrick - Early Chilhood Development
Nancy Thomas - Reactive Attachment Disorder
Dr. Elizabeth Reeve - Asperger’s and ASD
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka - The Spirited Child
Ken McLuskey - ADHD
Dr. J.C. Chambers - Kid Whispering
Paul Baker - Person/Brain


  • Registration information about upcoming community workshops will be posted on our website, sent by email, or mailed by US Postal Service.  For more information about our community workshops please contact us at 320-214-9692.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please provide your information here.