Our Programs



Greater Minnesota Family Services provides an array of community based and residential services in Minnesota.  We are experienced providers of home based services.  A number of staff have 10 - 20 or more years of experience providing home based services to children and their families.  Greater Minnesota Family Services is licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Rule 29 Mental Health Clinic and CTSS provider.

The primary funding mechanism for these services is Medical Assistance (MA), or one of the state prepaid MA plans (PMAPs, such as Primewest, Medica, and Blue Plus). Families eligible for MA are able to access these services for their child and family, and the services take place in their own home, school, or community progam rather than a typical outpatient clinic setting.  Therapeutic interventions are most effective when developed and implemented in the very setting where they are to be worked on.

For more information, contact Greater Minnesota Family Services or your county social services agency and inquire about Home, School, or Community Based Services through Greater Minnesota Family Services.

Early Childhood Program

Our Early Childhood Program focuses on the mental health needs of children ages 0 - 5 and their families in the Head Start Center and the family home.  Our SEED (Social Emotional Enrichment & Development) Centers emphasize the emotional and social development of the child while supplementing academic abilities.

Family Based Services

Family Counselors and Therapists provide in-home, individual, family, and group counseling or therapy, Diagnostic Assessments, Family Group Decision Making, Safety Planning, and Targeted Case Management Services. 

School and Family Based Services

Counselors and Therapists in our School and Family Mental Health Program provide individual and group counseling in schools throughout Central and Southwestern Minnesota.  Our Challenge program provides daytreatment/CTSS programming for youth with emotional and behavioral disabilities.