Our Mission

Our mission is, quite simply,

"Going to people's houses to help create homes."  


Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that the home is the best place to resolve parent/child issues. By working with the family's strengths and being available when a family crisis arises - day or night - the in-home Counselors can support the family, and help identify options and resources to maintain the family circle.  When children are placed out of the home, it is not because families are unwilling to change, but because community resources have not had the time or intensity of services to help the children have successful experiences in their homes and communities. 

Our Goals are to:

  • Improve the basic functioning of the child with emotional disturbance and the child’s family in the activities of daily living and community living to prevent the child from being placed outside of his/her home and school.
  • Improve the social functioning of the child and the child’s family so the child can stay in his/her home.
  • Facilitate reunification of the family where appropriate.