Welcome to Circle of Courage Youth Program!


We are thrilled to announce that Shelter Care is now our Circle of Courage Youth Program.  This change reflects our commitment to offer compassionate mental health services and long-term care, beyond temporary shelter services.

Why the Change?

The name Circle of Courage Youth Program aligns well with our program mission.

What Stays the Same? 

Our program will continue to offer the same services with hope of expansion in the future.  The Circle of Courage values of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity remain an important part of the healing in our work with youth.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to serve you as Circle of Courage Youth Program.  For more details contact us.


We are located in Willmar, Minnesota.

Director: Teigan Hierlmaier 
Phone: 320-235-3664  
Fax:  320-235-1671
email:  thierlmaier@greaterminnesota.org

Chief Program Officer: Steve Michaud
Phone: 320-894-6933
email:  smichaud@greaterminnesota.org

Referral Form |  Welcome Letter | Resident Handbook

Residents Belongings Policy & Video-Drug Awareness


What is Circle of Courage Youth Program?

  • Group Home Setting that also offers temporary shelter
  • Licensed by the State of Minnesota 
  • Private non-profit
  • Program Capacity: 13, 17 with specific staffing patterns
  • Population Served: Boys and Girls ages 9-17  
  • Staff to resident ratio is 1 staff to 6 youth for ages 9-11; 1 staff to 8 youth for ages 12-17
  • Non-secure and non-restrictive
  • Academic education is offered in-person through the Willmar Public School District
  • Psychiatry services are sourced from community providers
  • Chemical dependency services also are sourced from community providers
  • Neurological, psychological, or psychosexual assessments are sourced from community providers


Our Circle of Courage Youth Program provides group home and temporary shelter for youth at a crucial time in their lives.  Youth who are in need of long-term placement from 60+days, participate in individual and family therapy as well as group skills and therapy.  Youth placed in temporary shelter are provided basic needs services with an immediate needs assessment which is completed at intake.  Circle of Courage Youth Program practices the Circle of Courage values to help improve social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes.

Located on a beautiful five-acre parcel of land just outside of Willmar, MN, surrounded by wetlands, our Circle of Courage Youth Program is a perfect location for helping to make a lasting difference in young people’s lives in times of crisis or transition.

At this time our program does not specialize or offer services for neurological disorders, developmental delays, learning impairments, FASD depending on impairment, severe medical needs, certain ASD needs, toileting, personal hygiene care, physical aggression/assaultive behaviors, property destruction/vandalism, elopement, severe survival ideation, severe self-injurious behavior, chemical dependency treatment, inappropriate sexual behaviors/treatment or 1:1 direct care, explosive anger management, truancy, respite.


Circle of Courage Youth Program Services Available

  • Temporary shelter placements that range from 1 to 30 months 
  • Group home residential placements that range from 60 days to 6 months
  • Licensed Clinical Therapist on Staff 
  • Registered Nurse on Staff
  • Out-of-home placement meeting within the first week of placement followed by 30-day reviews with the client's team.
  • Weekly client reviews sent to the client's external team, including accumulated data collected by the program direct care staff on daily reflections
  • Individual weekly goals within the program setting
  • Weekly group educational skills within the program setting
  • Individual needs assessments, specific individualized program treatment plan that focuses on day-to-day struggles, goals, skills, and progress
  • Discharge Planning with Family, Referring Worker and Circle of Courage Youth Program staff 
  • After Care Support with Home Based Counseling/Community Support Services and Parenting Education that are available during and after placement

Additional Therapeutic Services Available

  • Diagnostic Assessments and Treatment Planning 
  • Individual, Group, Family Therapy
  • Individual Skills Counseling Sessions offered when available by mental health practitioners


Programming is carried out in every part of daily experience and activities.  Community outings offer focus on social skills and pro-social community behaviors. Increasing a youth’s social skills, self-esteem, and self-awareness helps young people learn how to recognize and manage their own behaviors and self-awareness. Our consistent structure and use of nurture helps young people feel safe as they move toward reunification with their families or toward a new environment and adulthood.  our program is based on natural consequences; th program is not punitive and does note use a staging or reward system.  The Circle of Courage Youth Program is non-restrictive and non-secure.