Safety Planning


Safety Planning helps parents and service providers create a safe and practical plan to guide the family in maintaining their children’s safety.  This may be helpful when there are areas of concern or the children have been removed from the home due to child protection issues.  

 A Brief Overview of Safety Planning  

  • Develop a family network of relatives, friends, and community members.
  • Create a practical and reasonable plan with the family network that ensures safety for the children and meet any “bottom lines” of child protective services and the court.
  • Meet with family and children to review the plan and gain children’s input.
  • Share the story and cause of concern with the family network to provide transparency and enable all have a common understanding of events.
  • Hold a conference with family and service providers to make sure there is agreement, finalize the plan, and mail it to all involved.  Follow up with the family after four to six weeks.  

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Our Safety Planning Facilitator: 


Becky Johnson, MS, LPCC
Phone: 320-905-1889