Diagnostic Services


Our Therapists

Our Therapists are Qualified Mental Health Professionals who conduct diagnostic assessments for clients birth to age 18 across the GMFS service area. Our Professionals meet Department of Human Services (DHS) educational requirements and licensing board requirements in their respective areas of social work, psychology, or marriage and family therapy. They are licensed as LICSW, LP, or LMFT. 


Comprehensive Assessments

Our comprehensive assessments exceed DHS standards, identify specific needs and strengths for each client, and are used to generate an individualized treatment plan for each client. In addition to the Qualified Mental Health Professionals completing a CASII and SDQ with age appropriate clients, those who primarily work with clients in early childhood are also trained in DC0-3 and ECSII.

Referrals for Diagnostic Assessments can be made by calling our main office:  320-214-9692.