Early Childhood 


0 - 5 Diagnostic Assessments

Greater Minnesota Family Services collaborates with various community agencies to provide services for children birth to five. We believe strongly in the benefits of early intervention. Our trained counselors and therapists are able to identify, treat, and even prevent mental health, developmental, or relationship difficulties within very young children and their families. We are able to meet a wide variety of needs such as help with discipline, aggressive behavior, sleep disturbances, social skills and we focus heavily on helping children and their caregivers build secure relationships. Services may be provided in children's homes, daycares, schools, or in the community.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Therapy for children from birth through age five and their caregivers. Our CPP Therapists work together with caregivers to help children and families heal and grow after stressful or traumatic events.

SEED - Social Emotional Enrichment & Development Programs

SEED is designed to provide your child with the social emotional skills needed for successful behaviors and expectations in daycare and school settings.

Focusing on the 3 R's of Emotional Development

  • Relationships
  • Regulation
  • Routines/Exploration