Connections Program

New Ulm, Minnesota
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Connections Administrator: Christianne Christensen

Our Mission Statement is:

The Connections Program provides a healing community,
that inspires hope in the hearts of youth and their families,
so they may experience genuine transformation in their lives.

Our Connections Program provides residential mental health treatment services for females, ages 10-18, who have a severe emotional disturbance and who may also be court-ordered into our program, placed under a CHIPS petition, or voluntarily placed into our care. Connections provides comprehensive therapeutic, trauma-informed services in a small, home-like setting with the understanding that all youth who are referred to our program are unable to live in their home of origin for a period of time…often due to their own needs for intensive mental health support and/or their family’s need for support. The Connections Program evaluates the individual needs of each resident and develops a care plan with the desire to “begin with an end in mind.” This means that Connections will actively work toward reunification with the resident’s family and reintegration into the community. The Connections Program serves females from diverse cultural backgrounds and who present a wide range of needs for emotional support.

In addition to meeting each resident’s basic needs for safety, board and lodging, a physical health screening, a structured and nurturing environment, and access to education…the Connections Program also provides the following services:

A. Individual, group, and family therapy and applied counseling as determined by a diagnostic assessment.
B. Support and assistance in managing mental health crisis situation.
C. Medication education to youth and their family members.
D. Independent Living Skills training and opportunities to practice daily living skills, develop self-esteem, and promote self-sufficiency.
E. Opportunities for recreational, leisure, and play activities.
F. Social and interpersonal skills development.
G. Vocational skills development.
H. Assistance in parenting skills.
I. Family support services.

Residents of our Connections Program will be enrolled in Independent School District 88 and then placed in an educational setting that best meets the individual needs of the student. Residents with identified health needs will be provided care through the New Ulm Medical Center – Allina Health. Psychiatric services will be maintained or established as determined by the resident’s support team and in conjunction with the Connections Program.

The Connections Program is licensed as a Rule 2960 program with Mental Health Certification to provide a full scale of intensive residential mental health treatment.  Connections is Title IV-E eligible.

Please contact the Connections Program Administrator for additional information and/or to make a referral.